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Yogini goes top model

yoga+ yogini Katarina Rodriguez is representing the Philippines in season two of StarWorld’s Asia’s Next Top Model. Katja shares some of her insights below.

Photo courtesy of Katja

Photo courtesy of Katja

My experience with Asia’s Next Top Model was definitely one for the books! I would not trade it for anything in the world and when you watch the show you will know why.

I was given the opportunity to learn what I have always wanted to do from the best within the industry internationally. I couldn’t be anymore thankful to Star World Asia for choosing me to participate in this extraordinary season of Asia’s Next Top Model. I learned a lot about myself as a person,and the lengths and limits I could endure in all kinds of situations that dealt not only with modeling, but also adventure, fear, passion and so much more.

Yoga and meditation got me through a lot of moments where my patience was really tested, especially since I lived in a penthouse with 15 other girls! I went through many feelings and emotions of high degrees, some I had never felt before. If it were not for my couple years of almost daily yoga practice, I would have completely lost my mind! During the show, we were put through a lot of suspense, and were given surprise after surprise. Yoga helped me keep my center through it all.

Follow Katja’s adventure and show your support at her official Facebook page. She’s also on Twitter and Instagram. Go Katja!

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