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Yoga and Finance: 5 things they have in common

yoga+ student Garet Bacani shares the five things that yoga and finance have in common. Check out her insights!

5 Common Things about Yoga & Finance

by Garet Bacani

1. In the practice of Yoga and in Finance

We remember to breathe.

2. Aiming for the best in both worlds

a. Financial well-being
b. Healthy well-being

3. Presence of mind and awareness

Our presence of mind and awareness is consumed constantly with our daily activities and monetary responsibilities such as paying the bills, actively saving, and engaging in business. This is also evident in the practice of yoga, wherein full presence of mind and awareness is active throughout the practice.

4. Sense of commitment

Both yoga and finance are sustained not only by being fully aware but by being committed to its practice as well. Yoga practitioners allocate time, energy, and devotion to the practice. The same goes in finance – we commit to give the same time, energy, and devotion to reach our personal financial goals.

5. Happiness though peace and calmness

We experience inner peace, calmness, and joy when practicing yoga. In finance, we become more efficient in our daily tasks and achieve our personal financial goals by remaining peaceful and calm especially during challenging times.

As a stock broker, some people may believe that all we do is enter quick trades and make quick bucks. I believe my job entails more than that. I take care of my clients’ personal finances. My clients and I work as a team to reach those specific financial goals in the short-term and long-term. I guide them to make smarter decisions, lift their spirits and handle their anxieties when financial markets are uncertain, and celebrate when financial goals are achieved.

This business relationship becomes a personal one because I get to know my clients’ inhibitions, aspirations, and level of contentment. This makes me love my job. I help my clients not just on a business level but on a personal level too. I love solving problems and making my clients happy. The more I get to know them, the easier it is for me to help.

Concrete and recent examples that come to mind are the Eurozone crisis in 2012 and the U.S. Federal Government shutdown last October 2013. Through yoga, I was able to control my own anxiety and inhibitions. By doing so, I was able to advise my clients appropriately and mitigate panic. It was a very hard task to do. If not for Yoga, I do not think I could be strong not just for my clients but for myself as well.


Join Garet this coming March 2014 at Mind Body Soul, a two-day Finance & Yoga weekend retreat. The retreat will seek to awaken participants’ financial awareness as well as boost holistic well-being through the art and practice of Yoga. 

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