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Yin Yoga Apprenticeship


This program was developed to help new teachers who have completed a 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in gaining confidence and proficiency in teaching public classes.

At the end of this program, the Apprentice should have the following skills that are important in teaching a yin yoga class:

  • provide students who are new to the yin yoga practice with an introduction about the concepts and principles of yin and connective tissues

  • design basic sequences that incorporate enough preparation and challenge that will allow the students to apply the 3 principles of yin - grounding, holding and relaxing

  • learn how to assist students with proper use of props and verbal cues

  • develop a better grasp of the different poses through self-inquiry and mentoring



The main methodology for this program is one-on-one mentorship. Throughout the program, the Apprentice will work with his/her Mentor. The names of Mentors will be provided to the Apprentice upon approval of his/her application.

Upon successful completion of the program, the Apprentice will be qualified to teach a public class in any YogaPlus studio.

Program Inclusions:

  • Attendance to 36 yin classes in any YogaPlus studio

  • 12 hours of 1-on-1 mentoring

  • 3 classes to be taught by the Apprentice

Program Duration: 12 weeks

Program Fees: 26,999

Discounted 3 Months Unlimited YogaPlus Package: 10,797*

*Additional fee for an apprentice without an existing YogaPlus package. For YogaPlus members, the existing package can be used to complete the required 36 classes or they can also opt to purchase this package.


Please send an email to ivy@yogaplus.ph to signify your intention to apply for the program. The program will commence on a date agreed-upon by you and your chosen Mentor.

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