I have been practicing yoga for around two years now. I first got into it for my health. I didn't really want to do it at first because I was already happy with the activities/workouts that I was doing (swimming, boxing and gym). The doctor and my friends had to force me for the first couple of weeks to actually attend classes and I'm glad that they did. I slowly learned to love yoga and aside from making me healthier, yoga has also improved my performance in my other activities. I have more stamina and better balance because of it. I also have less injuries now. Practicing yoga has made me calmer and less impatient. I usually attend Hot A, Hot C and Yin. I don't really have any goal pose but I hope that I'll be able to improve my upper body strength and core more in the future.

I like going to Yoga+ because the facilities are great! We don't have to worry about bringing anything because everything is provided. The studios are always clean. The staff and teachers are also a big part of why I like Yoga+. They're all very professional but at the same time they are also approachable and friendly. They always make us feel welcome whenever we are in the studio. I can't really choose what I like best because I like everything about it. All I can say is that I'm very thankful to everyone from Yoga+ and I'm looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with you guys.


Student of the Month

BGC - September 2015

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