I work as a Senior Account Manager of the Sales and Business Development Group of Medicard Phils., Inc. I love cooking, watercolor painting, and crafts. I also take a keen interest in traveling within and outside the country. Learning about different cultures and civilizations excite me, especially when it comes to trying out the local cuisine. My other activities involve taking care of five wonderful fur babies (a.k.a. dogs) that I am fortunate enough to call my own.

I started practicing Hatha Yoga back in 2008, and for the past three years my practice has evolved into a consistent one in terms of frequency albeit in different styles. I got into yoga mainly for my health, both physically and mentally as I often felt weak. Growing up, I was not particularly active as I had to stay away from activities that triggered my asthma. Given that I love food and cooking, and that I wasn’t physically active, I reached a worrisome size. The weight also brought with it a whole bunch of different medical conditions. I felt weak, tired, and helpless. The endless cycle of getting sick and drinking medicines simply felt futile.

Back in 2012, a friend of mine invited me to try out a hot yoga class at the yoga+ Ortigas studio. I was apprehensive at first since I didn’t know how my body would react to the heat, I even brought my inhaler inside the room just to be sure. After that first day, I realized that I should trust my body that it can handle the heated environment, and that I learn to control my breathing.

On the physical level, I simply can’t overemphasize how the practice strengthens the body, and I am not only talking about muscle strength. I was surprised by the strength I was able to acquire after consistent practice, even for a person my size. When I first started practicing, sometimes I would overthink poses and assume that my body cannot accommodate that form. With constant practice I realized the body will let you do the pose once it is ready. My practice has helped me address my weak immune system. I rarely get sick now and if I actually do catch something, I recover faster. On a mental level, I have become more aware and mindful of the effects of my environment on my body. I have become more aware of the things I consume and use. I also learned to trust my body and its ability to heal.

I practice both Yin and Yang styles of Yoga depending on what my body needs at the time. I find myself practicing flow and heated classes most of the week, and I make it a point to practice Yin at least twice a week. I have also been practicing AcroYoga for 2 years now. I keep on coming back because no medication will ever make you feel strong, calm and focused like yoga. It allows me to enjoy and try new things without judgment. What more can I ask for?

I always hear it said in many a yoga class to “make the hardest pose, your favourite pose because you know you need it”. So my favorite asanas would have to be Navasana and Chaturanga. My dream posture would have to be Padmasana.

yoga+ is a place where you can start and grow your practice. You may find yourself in any of the classes and get a mix of beginner and advanced practitioners, yet options are provided wherein yogis at both ends of the spectrum can practice in a safe manner. I appreciate that the teachers are approachable if you have any questions. They also make it a point to know of any injuries so that they may make the necessary adjustments/precautions. The facilities/studios are topnotch and well maintained. I also like that the studio brings in reputable yoga teachers for workshops/immersions to help students improve and advance their practice.

yoga+ is a place where you can start and grow your practice.

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Makati - April 2015

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