I started practicing yoga over a year ago to help regain strength in my body after having to be dependent on a back brace for more than two years. It was back in 2010 when we first learned about my scoliosis. At the time the spinal curvature had already reached a degree that necessitated surgery, but my parents didn't want me to go through the dangerous procedure being described by the doctor- and as we were shown the x-ray of one of his patients' iron spine, I couldn't help but imagine how that might cause problems for me at the airport.

I was home schooled through high school so I could swim everyday as needed for therapy. But after a year, my second x-ray revealed a progression in the rotation of my spine and I had to opt for a back brace to avoid further complications until I go through with surgery, which I should have before I turn 18, according to the doctor.

By God's grace, in 2013 I began attending CCF for Sunday worship and it was then that I truly became aware of His presence in my life and how He has blessed me in more ways than I realized. It made me believe that I shouldn't have to just wait for these things to happen and that I could actually do something about it despite what I was told.

More than keeping me physically strong, yoga helps me discover strength in myself as I become mindful of how I grow from each experience that goes beyond the mat. My practice allows me to have the quiet space that I need to calm my restless energy and find contentment in the moment. But without a doubt, the biggest thing my yoga practice gives me is how it brings me closer to the Lord as I continue to learn to treat myself with the goodness that He demonstrates in my life with the choices that I make for myself on and off the mat. Through yoga, I feel whole.

Just being upside down is what I enjoy most. I like to play with headstand and its many variations. My dream pose would be- one-arm handstand that would be fun... Mostly scary.

I'm especially grateful to my teachers at Yoga+ for their guidance and encouragement. I'm inspired by their dedication to guide their students into an authentic experience by sharing their own practice as students of yoga themselves. With the support they give me, I hope I find the same courage they have shown to start a new practice of when-student-becomes-teacher (haha!) and be able to share my passion for yoga.

I'm especially grateful to my teachers at Yoga+ for their guidance and encouragement.

Student of the Month

Ortigas - May 2015

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