Student of the Month

The featured students have been chosen for their dedication to the yoga practice. Be inspired by their stories of transformation!


Larimer Hugo

I am a psychiatrist, currently undergoing subspecialty training in child and adolescent psychiatry. I am also an amateur potter (who still prefers to use a kickwheel), a strawberry lover, and a Survivor fan. I was first exposed to yoga in summer of 2007, but I took a long break after that because medical school became […]

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Roxainee Denila

I am an Operations Analyst working for an IT company. Four years ago, I was already feeling the negative effects of not taking care of myself. I was not eating nor sleeping well. I did not exercise. I was easily tired, sickly, and moody. So I started to eat right and find an exercise regimen. […]

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Tiffany Hong

I have been practicing yoga for around two years now. I first got into it for my health. I didn’t really want to do it at first because I was already happy with the activities/workouts that I was doing (swimming, boxing and gym). The doctor and my friends had to force me for the first […]

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Makati SOM

Mark Calida

I am a lawyer by day, and also by night – weekdays through weekends, bente-quatro oras! Hopefully that changes soon with my transition into a new role as Corporate Legal Counsel for a leading power producer.

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Teetap Dadia

I work as a Senior Account Manager of the Sales and Business Development Group of Medicard Phils., Inc. I love cooking, watercolor painting, and crafts. I also take a keen interest in traveling within and outside the country.

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Ortigas SOM

Elyssa Capulong

I started practicing yoga over a year ago to help regain strength in my body after having to be dependent on a back brace for more than two years. It was back in 2010 when we first learned about my scoliosis.

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Mark Anthony Sy

I work for IBM Sales and Delivery as Engagement Manager. I have been practicing for more than one year. A friend of mine encouraged me to join her and find activities since we are not getting any younger and we have a sedentary lifestyle.

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