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How to survive hot yoga: hydrate

It is said that yogis fall into three groups when it comes to hot yoga
– they love it with a passion
– want to try it but are afraid that they might not survive the heat
– they avoid it because of the heat
Whether you belong to the first or second group, if there’s one thing that you need to do to prepare for your hot yoga class, it is to drink enough water. Our teachers often remind us to do so, and for good reason. We sweat out A LOT within the 90 minutes of practice in a yoga room heated to about 36 degrees.

How we hydrate is just as important. It’s not advised to drink plenty of water right before class. During class, the temptation to gulp down half the contents of your water bottle may be overwhelming. Stay focused on your practice instead and just take a few small sips.

I found that the best way to stay hydrated is to have regular water intake throughout the day. Keep your water bottle on your desk or within reach at all times and drink a few sips every few minutes or so. For most of us, this is easier said than done. Our work and other daily activities keep us preoccupied throughout the day.

Here’s a tip: mark your water bottle for the desired water intake by time. This makes having balanced hydration throughout the day as preparation for your hot yoga practice easier to do. Read up on more information about staying hydrated, water, and other drinks from the UK NHS here.
Do you have other tips to stay hydrated for your Hot A, Hot B, or Hot C practice? Please share in the comments!

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