Reminders & Etiquette

Take the first step towards the next you.

Here are a few things to take note of before you come to your first class:

1 Arrive well-hydrated

If you're a tea or coffee drinker, make sure you drink as much, if not more, water as you do tea or coffee.

2 Come to class on an empty stomach

Avoid eating 3 - 4 hours before class. Try to eat something nutritious during the day instead of oily, fatty or fast foods.

3 Arrive early

Please come 30 minutes before class starts. An orientation will be provided to ensure you have the best possible experience. First timers who are late will not be allowed entry to the class for safety reasons.

4 Bring an open mind

While you may struggle in doing some of the poses, don’t be discouraged! A successful yoga practice requires persistence and determination. Remember that yoga is not about how perfectly you "perform" but about giving yourself the space to learn and grow. Listen to the instructions and work at a comfortable pace. With a little practice and experience, you’ll quickly feel right at home!

5 Dress appropriately

Wear something comfortable. Women can wear shorts or crops and a tank top or sports bra while men can wear shorts that are easy to move and stretch in.

6 Bring a padlock, water bottle, and clothing bag

You will need a padlock for your locker, a water bottle that you can fill with our FREE alkaline water, and a plastic bag to put your yoga clothes in after class.

7 Take your second class ASAP

We encourage all new students to come back for their second class the next day -- especially if you wake up a little tender. Stiffness and sore muscles are indicators of the strengthening and transformation taking place as a result of your practice. Following up with another class will assist in conditioning the muscles and advance the healing process.

8 Try the different styles of yoga

Each style of yoga has something different to offer. Most yoga practitioners find that there is a personal mix of physical challenge, mental conditioning, and spiritual focus that works for them. Don't miss out. Take advantage of the variety offered so you can find your personal practice of yoga.

Attending a Trapeze class?

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