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New-To-Yoga Program


This playlist is designed to support anyone who has never done yoga before or someone who wants to give it another shot. The program is a set of curated videos which can be taken over a period of seven days. There are introductory videos  that can teach you more about yoga, the use of the breath, and how to enjoy your practice.

There is also a sun salutation instructional video that shows the breakdown of the most common sequence of yoga poses.

The series of 7 classes was designed to slowly introduce you to the different yoga poses and understand how to execute them based on your own body structure and anatomy.  Starting a yoga practice can be daunting and intimidating. We are here to hold your hand as you go through your first steps.

After completing this playlist, you will be ready to join public classes and feel confident and comfortable in your own body’s ability to adapt and adjust as you learn to deepen your practice.