Prenatal Yoga

Join our community of empowered pregnant mommies in Prenatal Yoga. The practice is a celebration of all stages of pregnancy, creating a positive space for you and your baby and a preparation for gentle birthing. We use a holistic approach consisting of invigorating poses, calm breathing, meditation and relaxation. You will come out of class feeling happy, healthy and ready for baby! No previous yoga experience is required.

Class Rates

Prenatal Yoga (Drop in)

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Prenatal Yoga (5 Classes)

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Prenatal Yoga (10 Classes)

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Every Saturday 1pm-2pm YogaPlus Makati


Jayme Timbol Preggy

Postnatal Yoga

The YogaPlus Postnatal Program provides support to new moms in reclaiming the integration of their bodies in the post-partum period. Join a community of moms and deepen your bond with your baby as we focus on addressing common issues after birthing, releasing tension, gently regaining strength and further supporting the oneness of your body, mind and spirit through yoga.

Class Rates

Postnatal Yoga (Drop in)

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Postnatal Yoga (5 Classes)

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Postnatal Yoga (10 Classes)

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Every Saturday 1pm-2pm YogaPlus Makati



Jayme Timbol

Jayme's advocacy is to bring the benefits of Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby Yoga to families. She is a certified Yoga Instructor and a Yogi Mommy.


Ria Tirazona

Ria’s passion as a yoga teacher and therapist is to support others in finding their personal path to wellness. Her nurturing yet playful classes encourage students to embrace their unique body structure, shape and condition.

Tri Mariano

Katrina Mariano is a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor. She has been teaching pilates since 2005 and has been certified as a yoga teacher since 2008.

Mimsy Jundis

Mimsy is a teaching visual artist, yogini, and mother of 2 lively boys. She believes in the power of slowing down, keeping it real, and saying thank you.

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