We are a group of unique individuals, driven by the same desire: to continuously make positive changes as we challenge ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Plus was created out of our longing to share not only the love for yoga, but also the many benefits that the practice can bring to one’s life.




Aisa’s knowledge of movement and anatomy has influenced her classes to have a strong focus on alignment and breath, where she aims to inspire her students to move and flow with purpose and intention. Her classes are dynamic and challenging, yet open to all levels – whether new to the practice or a seasoned yogi. She leads teacher trainings in the Philippines and around Asia, and also teaches yoga therapeutically to private clients in Manila.

Aisa has completed her trainings at the Absolute Yoga Academy and is currently completing her 500-hour certification under Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank. She has been teaching for 8 years and continues to study diligently as a perpetual student of Yoga.









Cookie is our resident warrior. As a martial artist, she is a fighter. Yet she also recognizes that when things are going crazy, the struggle is not always in the ferocity of pushing on. The real battle is in the staying, where it is no longer about fighting or flying or winning or losing; where it is all about finding that grit to show up, choose to be present, and let things run its course. In her classes, expect to find your own brand of courage to let things be. She believes as Carl von Clausewitz says that “Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.”



Hot Yoga


Expect to come out of Chi’s Hot Yoga class sweaty yet invigorated, re-energized and ready to face your challenges off the mat.

As someone who started doing yoga to release stress, lose weight and tone her body, she understands what most students are looking for. She teaches to inspire others and change lives, as yoga has greatly changed hers. She believes everyone can practice yoga and it is her vision to be able to reach out to individuals who feel they are not fit enough to do yoga, especially those in the corporate world.

She started doing yoga in 2012 and became a Hot Yoga teacher in 2014.







Ria’s passion as a yoga teacher and therapist is to support others in finding their personal path to wellness. She draws from her psychology background in working with beginners, the older and less active students, and people with injuries, chronic illnesses, and weight, emotional or mental health concerns. Her nurturing yet playful classes encourage you to embrace your unique body structure, shape and condition. She emphasizes building strength and stability while harnessing softness in the body and mind.

Ria takes inspiration from her teachers, Leslie Kazadi, Anna Carbonell and Dona Tumacder-Esteban to likewise motivate others to live wholeheartedly with humor, levity and gratitude. Follow her yoga adventures at www.archetypesandasanas.com.








In his classes, Neil integrates the knowledge that he has learned as a Kriya Yogi and devotee of the Self-Realization Fellowship Ashram (www.yognanda-srf.org). With his experience in the corporate world, he understands the stressful situations that most employees and executives go through everyday. It is his mission to share yoga asana practice, meditation and mindfulness practices with different companies to help them handle the stress. He practices and espouses daily meditation that will provide us Love, Peace and Joy and bring lightness in the daily challenges we experience.

He teaches Led Ashtanga, Flow and Meditation classes. He also teaches a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training under the Change From Within program of yoga+.




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