Our Mission

We are a diverse community of people who believe in the impact of creating positive changes within one’s self.

We commit our best to guiding you through a transformative journey by empowering mind-body wellness through the practice of yoga and mindfulness one class at a time.

Here at Yoga Plus, we value…

Holistic Wellness: Yoga and mindfulness practices integrate the body, mind and spirit and contribute to your overall wellness.


Connection: Significant connections with ourselves, with you and a Higher Source — lead to shared experiences that help us to live with mindfulness and compassion.


Service: In every encounter, we want you to feel that you are important to us. We are here for you.


Transformation: We provide the safe space in your journey to discovering your best self.


We are here to help you every step of the way. Learn the practice through our highly-qualified, experienced and approachable teachers that offers both nurturing and challenging classes aimed to energize and renew both your mind and spirit.

Visit us and together, let’s look forward to the next you!



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