We have Drop In/ One Class, First-Timer Special Rates, Class Card Package, and Unlimited Package options for you to choose from. Your purchase of any yoga+ class or package comes with the free use of mats and towels, alkaline water and toiletries. Join our diverse community of students who are already enjoying the benefits of yoga!

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Drop In / One Class

Traveling or only have time for one class?

DROP IN / One Class

1 Yoga Class

799.00Read more

DROP IN / One Class (Day Time Only)

1 Yoga Class (valid weekdays before 6pm)

599.00Read more

First-Timer Special Rates

A sampler for new students to try unlimited yoga classes across all yoga+ branches. This is perfect for students who are new to yoga or students who are new to yoga styles being offered at yoga+.

First-Timer - UNLIMITED / 2 Weeks

Unlimited Yoga for 2 Weeks (One package per person only)

1499.00Read more

First-Timer - UNLIMITED / 1 Month

Unlimited Yoga for 1 Month (One package per person only)

3399.00Read more

Class Card Package

Best for students who practice 1-2 times a week, who need flexibility in their schedules or only prefer one style of yoga. This can be shared by up to 10 students throughout the duration of the package. Students do not have to take classes at the same time or enroll at the same yoga+ branch.


10 Yoga Classes

5990.00Read more

10 CLASSES (Day Time Only)

10 Yoga Classes (valid weekdays before 6pm)

4990.00Read more


50 Yoga Classes

19950.00Read more

50 CLASSES (Day Time Only)

50 Yoga Classes (valid weekdays before 6pm)

17450.00Read more

Unlimited Package

Incredible value for students who practice 3 times a week or more, who like mixing vigorous styles with more restoratives practices. Individual use only. Transfer or suspension of package is allowed, subject to payment of processing fees and other conditions.


Unlimited Yoga for 1 Week

1699.00Read more

UNLIMITED / 1 Week (Day Time Only)

Unlimited Yoga for 1 Week (valid weekdays before 6pm)

999.00Read more


Unlimited Yoga for 1 Month

6499.00Read more

UNLIMITED / 1 Month (Day Time Only)

Unlimited Yoga for 1 Month (valid weekdays before 6pm)

3999.00Read more


Unlimited Yoga for 1 Year at ₱3,999/month

47988.00Read more


Unlimited Yoga for 2 Years at ₱3,599/month

86376.00Read more

Terms and Conditions

1. All prices include VAT.

2. Payment modes
2.1. Cash, cheque, debit or credit card are accepted.
2.2. 0% installment available for 1-Year and 2-Year Unlimited Package.
2.3. 3 months 0% installment for 50 Class Card Package.
2.4. 6 months 0% installment for Class Card Package > or = 100 classes.

3. Other discounts
3.1. Corporate, senior citizen and student discounts are computed using the base price of P6,499 per month and P799 per class.
3.2. No other discounts can be combined with First-Timer Package.
3.3. Only one discount can be applied at any time.

4. Validity and expiration
4.1. Package will start on the day of first use.
4.2. Class Card Package is valid for one year without extension.
4.3. Unused classes can be carried over if the package is renewed before expiry. Otherwise, they will be forfeited upon package expiration.
4.4. Unlimited Package expires at the end of the term.

5. Transfers and suspension of 1-Year and 2-Year Unlimited Package
5.1. Transfer of package is allowed once, subject to payment of admin charges.
5.2. Members who purchase 1-Year or 2-Year Unlimited Package via credit card installment may suspend for a continuous period of one month per year. Admin charges apply.
5.3. Members who purchase 1-Year or 2-Year Unlimited Package via straight payment may suspend for up to three times per year, for a continuous period of one month per suspension, free of charge.

6. Use
6.1. Unlimited Package is for the use of one individual only and cannot be shared.
6.2. Class Card Package can be shared by up to 10 individuals throughout the duration of the package. The individuals do not have to enroll at the same time.
6.3. Daytime Package can be used only on weekdays before 6 pm. Weekends and holidays are excluded from this package.
6.4. First-Timer Package can only be availed of once per student.

Looking for the perfect gift?

With yoga+ gift cards, your friends and family can choose the yoga packages that they want from any yoga+ branch.
Available in P1,500, P5,000, and P10,000 denominations.

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