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Become a World-Class Certified Energy Healing Specialist & Trainer
Heal the Past, Transform the Present, Energize the Future

Science-Based and Structured Curriculum | Over 34,000 clients in over 71 countries healed worldwide

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3 Upcoming 4-Month Online Certification Programs* starting January 8, 2022

Energy Management for COVID-19 and Its Side Effects (2,920.60 USD)

Energy Management for Depression and Anxiety (3,125.00 USD)

BEinshape Rescue Level (4,253.67 USD)

Heal a broad range of diseases and facilitate workshops for stress and fatigue management

*These certification programs are conducted by The World Institute of Incurable Diseases (

Top 5 reasons to become an Energy Healer & Trainer

In a January 2021 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, they found that 4 out of 10 adults in the US have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from 1 out of 10 reported from January to July 2019. More people around the world need holistic healthcare than ever before.

During these challenging times, the best way you can help yourself, your family, friends and others is by empowering yourself with holistic wellness tools and techniques to address issues in the five levels of health. You have an opportunity to take an active part in reinventing health care by energy healing and applying an integrative approach to wellness. You can also earn, grow and serve at the same time! 

If you are already a yoga teacher, with the rise in online wellness classes, students have a wide range of choices. They can take classes from practically any teacher anywhere in the world. You can add more value to what you offer your students by enhancing your skills in a field that is not yoga but is closely aligned to it.

Adding value to your current profession or yoga teaching service will also mean a higher per-hour income. You can increase your professional fees because you will be providing an additional highly sought for holistic health service, which also includes life coaching. 

Energy healing can be done anytime, anywhere, without any physical contact, remotely, drug-free and holistic, without the use of medicines. During COVID lockdowns, people find it difficult to avail of medical services or even buy medicines. With energy healing, the natural power of healing energy is used, which can help fast and has proven effectiveness. You only need an internet connection to perform your service, which is convenient and delivered at the comfort of your client’s home or office.  

If you have found fulfillment helping transform lives in your current profession or by teaching yoga, you can experience that exponentially as an energy healer and trainer. Helping people to heal so they can live their greatest life is a rewarding and life changing experience that also gives you good karmic equity. Healing others also helps you to improve your own health across all aspects of your life.

If you are already a yoga teacher, what else can you learn as an energy healer & trainer?

In yoga teacher training, we were taught about how asanas can help increase the flow of oxygen in the body, detoxify the organs and improve our energy levels. 

We also learned about the principles of the chakras which are energy centers that can affect our organs and body systems. 

In yoga anatomy, we learned about the 7 chakras. There are also some poses and sequences that are meant to stimulate and balance the chakras.

Can there really be only 7 chakras?

What does balancing the chakras really mean?

Can we tell which chakras need stimulation and which ones need to be balanced? 

What actually happens to the body when the chakras are imbalanced? 

Do we get sick because the chakras are imbalanced or do the chakras get imbalanced because we are sick?

As a yoga teacher, I got so intrigued by the idea that you can actually measure the size of each chakra and that you can also activate or deactivate each chakra to achieve a state of balance and wellness.

I also learned that chakras affect not only our organs and systems but also our will power, our ability to materialize things as well as our focus. 

Chakras can also affect our personality. If we are too strong-willed but lack of compassion, it is a chakral imbalance. If we are too loving and caring but cannot focus on our tasks and projects, it is a chakral imbalance.

And the best thing that I learned is there is a science to it! For someone who is cerebral and logical, it was something really appealing! I am not sensitive to energy or colors and was very skeptical about it from the very beginning.

But because it is a science, it produces the same results if you follow the steps.

This makes me confident to say that anyone can be a healer. If I learned how to become one, you can be one too!

Would you like to learn more about how chakras can affect your health and how you can “influence” the chakras to heal many different problems that even modern medicine has a difficult time with? Like depression, anxiety, sleep issues, COVID-19, addiction, and other incurable diseases. 

I am talking about energy healing. 

As yoga teachers, we are so familiar with energy. But I learned we can harness it even better and help our students achieve healing in the 5 levels of health - physical, etheric (or vitality), emotional, mental and spiritual. When we achieve balance in these 5 levels, it is easier for us to find our soul’s path.

Sometimes, our students’ health issues are more energetic in nature. How can these be addressed by modern medicine?

Through the BEwell Science Method designed and developed by Master Del Pe, we can also heal the past, transform the present and energize the future, allowing our students to live their greatest life. 

Through this method, you can also elevate your skills from yoga teacher to an energy healer/trainer.

Just imagine, if you have a private session, you can scan your student’s chakras and do something about it in a faster way than just doing yoga asanas. 

How valuable will this be to your students?

In today’s environment where so many yoga classes are available online, how can you differentiate yourself from the rest? 

While we all know how yoga has helped us and how it has changed us and the hundreds or even thousands of students that we have taught, it is not the answer to everything. 

It is time we also elevate our skills and address the need of many people today who are depressed, burned-out, suffering from effects of COVID, addiction and many more. 

Not only will you have another skill, you will also be doing a great service to the students that you will heal, generating more positive karma for yourself as a healer/trainer.

Aside from energy healing, you will also learn about these key topics in this course:

  • Understand the 8 types of clients and how you can relate to them and personalize your care for them better (in the process, you will also understand your personality type and your own strengths and weaknesses)
  • Learn about the 7 cycles of life or the Feng Shui of time to help you and your clients understand whether what they are going through is related to their life cycle so you can help them address these issues more effectively and empower them with the best times to do things to get maximum results
  • Learn about the 5 laws of manifestation and abundance to help you and your clients set goals, create thoughtforms and manifest prosperity and good things in life
  • Life coaching skills and techniques to guide your clients in achieving wellness across all areas of their lives
  • Facilitation skills that you can use when doing seminars and workshops
  • Marketing techniques and strategies to help you sell your services

Upon certification, you will also become part of a global network of healers and trainers who have helped hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world for the last 30 years.

You will be able to do:

  • energy healing and life coaching sessions (all certifications)
  • group healing for organizations, corporations or families (BEinshape Rescue Level certification)
  • training seminars for stress and fatigue management (BEinshape Rescue Level certification)
  • product sales for books, CDs, DVDs or life-tools which support your specialization (all certifications)

Find out more details through our Information Session!

Dec. 29 at 10pm Philippine Time (GMT+8)

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