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Ashtanga Variations

Ashtanga Variations

Ashtanga is one of the oldest styles of yoga and is still practiced in the traditional way.
At the YogaPlus Virtual Studio, we offer two Ashtanga Variations.

ROCKET EXPRESS is a combination of the poses from primary, second and third series of the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga. The poses are sequenced around the joints of the body. The Rocket sequence encourages play and offers modifications of traditional poses, making you feel stronger, lighter and more flexible.

Recommended for intermediate and Advance practitioners.

Begginers will be offered modifications.

MORNING SALUTES is a perfect way to start your day with 27 rounds of Sun Salutation A. This set of poses warms up and works out the entire body. With full attention to the breath, you will find yourself energized after the 30-minute class.