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Integrated Wellness by YogaPlus


Integrated Wellness by YogaPlus is a specialized program designed for you by our highly-trained teachers and therapists. Our goal is to change lives by addressing the unique challenges you face. We guide you in both group and individual yoga classes, mindfulness techniques, meditation sessions, and lifestyle practices.

Group feature classes start on July 2, 2019.


Vitality & Longevity

Tuesdays 11:15-12:15
YogaPlus Makati

The Vitality and Longevity class is a yoga class for seniors, older students, and individuals of different ages, sizes, and conditions. In this class, you focus on practical movements to improve your range of motion. You gain more balance, coordination, and fluidity in your movements for better well-being. Sessions include the use of yoga chairs, resistance bands, and other support props.

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Core & Spine Support

Thursdays 11:15 am- 12:15pm
YogaPlus Makati

The Core and Spine Support class is a
therapeutic yoga class ideal for postpartum moms*, older and
less active students, and those recovering from
medical conditions*, surgery*, and injury*. The
exercises are designed to correct poor posture,
strengthen your core, and help relieve pain. Regular
practitioners will also benefit from this class.

*Please secure a medical certificate from your health care provider prior to signing up for the class.

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Yoga Therapy Program

By appointment

The Yoga Therapy program is made up of one-on-one sessions based on your individual goals and needs. We can help you manage chronic pain, improve your mental health, and support you in living a better life.

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