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Jeri Ramos

Jeri Ramos BPO Executive / Fashion Lover / Certified Hyper Lady / Mom to an Aspiring 9 year Old Yogini yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories The outlook that I have developed through my regular practice helped me handle difficult situations with grace and turning it to have a positive outcome. Yoga is my […]

Karina Tanega

Karina Tanega Lawyer yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories Yoga has helped me in a million ways! One obvious change is the fact that i am now taking only very minimal medication for mu lupus. The rest is all yoga! Perhaps the best explanation of how yoga helped me get through my every day […]

Jess Sauco

Jess Sauco VP / Treasurer, Newbie Vegetarian with a Sweet Tooth, L & H Holding, Inc. yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories Health is a big factor why I  decide to practice yoga. As a diabetic, it helps me control my blood sugar while providing me with radiant skin. Together with the “6 pm […]

Dionisio Lee

Dionisio Lee Businessman / Pet Lover / Runner, 61 yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories I started practicing yoga mainly because my wife and daughter were very much into it. In my first yoga, I fell asleep during Savasana (relaxation) and woke up feeling light. Yoga helped me become more calm in handling everyday […]

Nicole Cera Lee

Nicole Cera Lee Preschool Teacher / Former Wushu Athlete, 21 yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories After wushu, working out at the gym got me to try yoga and I instantly fell in love with it. Yoga helped me to cope with the stress while writing my thesis in college and during practicum days. […]

How to survive hot yoga: hydrate

It is said that yogis fall into three groups when it comes to hot yoga – they love it with a passion – want to try it but are afraid that they might not survive the heat – they avoid it because of the heat Whether you belong to the first or second group, if […]

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