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Jeri Ramos

Jeri Ramos BPO Executive / Fashion Lover / Certified Hyper Lady / Mom to an Aspiring 9 year Old Yogini yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories The outlook that I have developed through my regular practice helped me handle difficult situations with grace and turning it to have a positive outcome. Yoga is my […]

Karina Tanega

Karina Tanega Lawyer yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories Yoga has helped me in a million ways! One obvious change is the fact that i am now taking only very minimal medication for mu lupus. The rest is all yoga! Perhaps the best explanation of how yoga helped me get through my every day […]

Jess Sauco

Jess Sauco VP / Treasurer, Newbie Vegetarian with a Sweet Tooth, L & H Holding, Inc. yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories Health is a big factor why I  decide to practice yoga. As a diabetic, it helps me control my blood sugar while providing me with radiant skin. Together with the “6 pm […]

Dionisio Lee

Dionisio Lee Businessman / Pet Lover / Runner, 61 yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories I started practicing yoga mainly because my wife and daughter were very much into it. In my first yoga, I fell asleep during Savasana (relaxation) and woke up feeling light. Yoga helped me become more calm in handling everyday […]

Nicole Cera Lee

Nicole Cera Lee Preschool Teacher / Former Wushu Athlete, 21 yoga+ profiles life stories | yoga stories After wushu, working out at the gym got me to try yoga and I instantly fell in love with it. Yoga helped me to cope with the stress while writing my thesis in college and during practicum days. […]

Yoga (not just) for Lovers

Is it possible to remain friends with your ex? Yes it is, and even go out on a Valentine’s Day date no less! yoga+ student Rica shares how an ex-couple experienced a yoga class for couples.  We were together for seven years and never had a Valentine’s Day date. After six years of being just […]

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Yin Yoga Intensives – Round Two

There will be a another run of Dona Tumacder-Esteban’s Yin Yoga Intensives on January 11, 2014 at the yoga+ Makati studio. This is perfect for those who are looking to detox or just get their bodies to a healthier state to jump start their 2014 after all the parties and feasts in December. The morning […]

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Yoga with Ria

We’d like to congratulate Ria Tirazona for successfully completing her Yin Yoga teacher training with Victor Chng. Being certified as a Yin Yoga teacher capped her three years of practice and study of Yin Yoga. Ria now leads Yin Yoga and Flow classes in addition to her regular 7AM Warrior Flow classes on Mondays and […]

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Yoga and Finance: 5 things they have in common

yoga+ student Garet Bacani shares the five things that yoga and finance have in common. Check out her insights! 5 Common Things about Yoga & Finance by Garet Bacani 1. In the practice of Yoga and in Finance We remember to breathe. 2. Aiming for the best in both worlds a. Financial well-being b. Healthy […]

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Yoga+ at the Cambridge Child Development Center Fun Run 2013

It’s never too early to introduce kids to the practice and we did just that with some yoga poses as stretching exercises before the start of the the Cambridge Child Development Center Fun Run 2013 held on Dec 13. Teachers Dinah and Aisa led the pre-run stretches. Check out the ensuing cuteness below!

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Yogini goes top model

yoga+ yogini Katarina Rodriguez is representing the Philippines in season two of StarWorld’s Asia’s Next Top Model. Katja shares some of her insights below. My experience with Asia’s Next Top Model was definitely one for the books! I would not trade it for anything in the world and when you watch the show you will […]

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